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30 September 2015

As many of our customers know, we very much promote the technical aspects associated with Hormann sectional garage doors. This door is our main seller above any other automatic door type or manufacturer.

Our customer base can pat themselves on the back for not only making an excellent purchase, backed up with our service, but also in that they have helped to raise a considerable sum towards helping the Alzheimers Society.

Hormann recently ran a successful partnership with “ Alzheimers Society” where by,  for every sectional garage door that was sold,  within a set time frame , they would donate £50. That’s £50 for every sectional garage door, on top of customer related discounts already applied.

This offer was not a sales tool or gimmick. Indeed it was kept under wraps to a great extent and many of our customers will be surprised to find out that their business with us has done so much good. Figures are yet to be released as to the total paid over, but customers of “1st Choice Yorkshire Ltd” can be proud indeed, on the back of the generosity offered by Hormann garage doors, as they will have contributed significantly, without even knowing it….Thank you.

On the back of this offer the scheme is now to be moved to other products manufactured by Hormann including Rolmatic doors during the week 5th – 9th October.