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Upgrading Your Garage Door: Essential Prep for the Approaching Autumn and Winter

22 August 2023

Upgrading Your Garage Door: Essential Prep for the Approaching Autumn and Winter


Summer is almost over. We know, it’s a sad thought. But as the golden hues of autumn start to paint the landscape and a crisp chill fills the air, it's a clear sign that colder weather is on its way. With the changing seasons, your home needs a little extra care to ensure it remains cosy and well-protected. One area that often goes overlooked is the garage – a space that serves as more than just a parking spot. Upgrading your garage door in preparation for autumn and winter brings a range of benefits that will make facing the colder months a breeze.


1. Temperature Regulation and Energy Efficiency

Autumn and winter often bring a significant drop in temperatures. If your garage isn't properly insulated or if your garage door is outdated, you might be losing valuable heat, causing your home's heating system to work harder. By upgrading to an insulated garage door, you create a buffer against the cold, helping to maintain a more stable temperature in both your garage and home. This translates to lower energy bills and a more comfortable living space.


2. Enhanced Security

With longer nights and potential holiday travels, security becomes a paramount concern. Upgrading your garage door can include features like advanced locking mechanisms and modern security technology. These additions provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your garage – and by extension, your home – is better protected against intruders.


3. Weather Resistance

Autumn and winter can bring rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. An old or poorly sealed garage door can let moisture and cold air seep in, potentially causing damage to your belongings and even your home's structure. Upgrading to a weather-resistant garage door ensures that your garage remains dry and well-protected against the elements, preventing issues like rust, rot, and mould growth.


4. Reduced Maintenance

Older garage doors might require frequent maintenance and repairs to keep them functioning properly. Upgrading to a modern, durable garage door reduces the need for constant upkeep, saving you time, effort, and money in the long run.


5. Curb Appeal

Your garage door is a prominent part of your home's exterior, contributing to its overall curb appeal. Upgrading to a stylish, modern door can instantly elevate the look of your home, increasing its aesthetic value and potential resale value.


As autumn and winter draw near, taking steps to upgrade your garage door is a wise investment in both comfort and protection. From temperature regulation to enhanced security and improved aesthetics, the benefits are numerous. Don't wait until the cold sets in – prepare your home for the upcoming seasons by considering a garage door upgrade. With a well-insulated, secure, and stylish garage door in place, you'll be ready to face autumn and winter with confidence and peace of mind.


Fancy a garage door upgrade? Check out our special offers below! Also don’t forget you can use our garage door builder to see which type, colour and size works best for your home without even leaving your bedroom!


1. Garador Up & Over Garage Doors:
Georgian or Beaumont design, 7070 or 7066 door size only.
New door frame is included with an all white powder coated finish.
Supplied & fitted within a 10 mile radius of WF14 or HD3.
£980 including VAT.


2. Garador Automated Sectional:
White or Anthracite linear large design.
Up to 2440mm x 2240mm brick/stone opening size.
Supplied & fitted within a 10 mile radius of WF14.
£1850 all inclusive.


3. Gararol Premium Spring Assisted Roller Door:
Available in various colours.
Low voltage motor drive.
From £1680 - Book a free survey to get the best deal!


4. HORMANN M-Ribbed Design Insulated Sectional Auto Double Door:
To suit double door masons opening up to 5200mm x 2350mm.
Linear medium design woodgrain embossed surface.
White or Anthracite powder coated.
New frame included.
Suprematic automation includes 2 transmitters.
Premium brand and perfect installation fully guaranteed.
On site 5 year mechanical & electrical component warranty included for all parts (t&c apply).
No ongoing additional annual service charges to pay for this extended cover (t&c apply).
£2500 fitted all fully inclusive.


To enquire about either of these offers, please use the quote reference WEB 22.9.22


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