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Showroom Reopens

26 June 2020

Our showroom is open again on a limited basis.

Apology as it is still at a reduced level, contrary to previously advertised publications and certain restrictions of access do apply.

This is to be as helpful for your health and safety, as much as it is ours.

Metal surfaces can maintain the virus for up to 72 hours, we are advised, though it’s not perfectly understood yet. Preventing people contacting and touching those surfaces is our main objective, which gives us a certainty of safety to all our customers, visitors and staff.

As usual please call 01924 491562 prior to travel, to check opening, on any particular day.

We are trying to maintain the hours shown below, for now, but apology if you arrive to find us inadvertently closed if calling casually-

Tuesday to Friday 10am to 4pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Why are we continuing to be closed Saturdays? Saturday between 11 and 12:30 is a traditionally optimum time people might have called to our showroom, without warning, going back 20 years, often in couples and several at the same time, or in quick succession.

As access and space is so limited, we are trying to divert people to call at another more random time, though we are considering creating appointment only times on Saturdays, in order to alleviate this problem, but this might mean limiting your visit time. We are unsure at the moment, as this might create more animosity than the intention of goodwill meant.

Our objectives are for ALL our health considerations, but as with other objectives we have in business, to provide the very best level of service humanly possible, yet it won’t mean everyone will be able to see it so clearly in this way and might read the message offensively. We can only apologise to those few people in advance, as we are sure most will appreciate and understand our intentions, in trying to open our showroom back up and also in trying to be the best and most professional in all we do.

CALL 01924 491562 or 01484 598000 before you travel to get an update.

Thank you