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Roller Doors

11 February 2016

We are not particularly known for our roller door installations yet do supply and install many of these door types in aluminium foam filled material , in a selection of standard colours , no more expensive than white, including the very popular anthracite colour Ral 7016. Also available in wood grain finishes of golden oak, rosewood and Irish oak.

Roller doors are very popular because they do not need the usual tracking of many other door types, ideal in more confined spaces or where overhead storage is utilised.

Please take a look at some recently added pics to our gallery (below) to view some recently fitted roller doors.

As ever our message is to study the level of workmanship applied to the finish. We don't consider to just install you a working door. A large part of our business has nothing to do with the door itself. It is also about the standard of finish surrounding the door. It can only follow that a company who are meticulous in providing a finishing touch to this degree, will also be accurate with their door installation. A door fitted true and square is very likely to ultimately out perform one that is not.

We also still install the non insulated steel line type of door or Gliderol single skin versions. A cheap manual door option where funds are sparse.

It's a hard message to prove but our customers benefit from added payment security as well as our confidence in providing the highest standards of door installation.

You pay not a single penny until the door is fitted. Nil deposit is our knock out punch. We have nothing to fear and we are very competitive indeed. No one has let us down yet as they are always very delighted with the end result. We are this confident that our input will be very guarded also to ensure that the product is delivered in good condition in accordance with manufacturer promises.