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Garador white- Georgian/ Beaumont OR Cathedral design

02 March 2021

 On our website we have a section for special offers on a range of garage doors, one of these is the Garador white with the Georgian/ Beaumont or Cathedral design. The Garador has a size of 2134mm x 1981mm, the special offer includes fitting, sealant, canopy lifting springs or retractable gear, new steel frame and all powder coated white. This special offer is priced at £880 including vat and fitting, it also has free local delivery. Below we have included some information on each of the Garador styles to help you decide which design is the best option for you.

The Garador Georgian design is a steel panelled up and over garage door, it has strong durability with crisp panelling. The retractable gear on the door allows it to be retracted from the inside when open, this is done by the horizontal tracks overhead which are supported by the wall or ceiling suspension brackets.

The Garador Beaumont design is a an up and over panelled door that is constructed from a high-grade steel, this design looks good on both modern and traditional houses. This design also provides a strong source of protection in its panelled design, its main consideration is that it is made for security and style which makes it perfect for any home. These garage doors can also include windows.

The Garador Cathedral design is 12 panelled garage doors, it can either have canopy lifting springs which is placed within the door frame on either side- when the door is opened it forms a canopy with a section of the door outside the garage. The Cathedral design can also have retractable gear which consist of two tracks that run across the top of the panel, this gear will allow the door to retract into the garage fully. This door looks perfect in any home.

If you would like some more information on our special offer then please call us at 01484 598000 or email at info@1stchoicegaragedoors.co.uk, we will be more than happy to help you with anything you need.